Philanthropy has become a popular topic of discussion, not only with the mainstream media but also with the mainstream families. Indian HNW families are now striving for strategic and impactful conversations around charitable goals and aspiring to make a real difference to the world around them.

Yet while philanthropy has entered the mainstream mindset, many families with the enthusiasm and means to engage meaningfully in philanthropy lack the informational resources to do so.

The gulf between philanthropy as a compelling concept and a sound strategy to execute it is demotivating for many. This situation is especially true for family offices. Though Family Offices are likely to play a pivotal role in bringing scale to philanthropy in the coming years and some are already doing it successfully. However the fact remains that the majority of them are either waiting on the sidelines or are involved in an unstructured manner. The primary reason for this is a shortage of expertise, tools and frameworks to enable engagement. As a result, despite growing interest, many struggle with the initial steps of engagement when it comes to philanthropy.

Priwexus aspires to create a structured platform which offers useful frameworks and insights for multi-family offices, family businesses, family foundations and high-net-worth individuals as well as policy-makers and advisers. The goal is to educate members on various philanthropy options, help them assess these and support them in making an informed choice.