Priwexus VFO is a value-add service exclusively meant for Priwexus Members to help them assemble a highly talented and experienced team of family office professionals and providers to specifically meet the needs of a family office. The Priwexus VFO team works closely with families to fully understand the family's needs and goals. In the VFO mode of operation families pay only for the services they need.

At some point, the financial success one has achieved may require a higher level of services that goes beyond what a financial advisor or a wealth manager are able to provide. This is where Priwexus VFO comes in.

Priwexus VFO takes a comprehensive approach to form a holistic, interconnected family office framework for Priwexus Member families.

Priwexus VFO Team serves as coordinators who build the right team of experts to serve a family’s unique needs. We take a big picture approach to managing your family office, and we differentiate ourselves by our understanding of YOU.

How Priwexus VFO Operates

At the center of Priwexus VFO is the member family or individual, supported directly by our VFO team which coordinates the efforts of various family office service providers on behalf of the family. The VFO team delivers high-end products and services needed by a family office through a hand-picked pool of VFO partners. The team draws on the skills and expertise of VFO Partners that include a broad array of specialists to deliver advanced planning products and services that go beyond mere investing—such as family governance, estate planning, strategic tax planning, philanthropy services and more.

By centralizing various family office specialists and service providers on one platform, Priwexus VFO aligns the best-in-class solution providers to achieve the unique family office objectives of each family.

Priwexus VFO is designed to manage, administer and grow the family's wealth with an eye towards social impact & philanthropy and a desire to inspire and prepare the next generation to continue the legacy of the founder.

Priwexus VFO Services

Priwexus VFO Process


Our process begins with a deep discovery of your family office needs. We go beyond the numbers to understand the lifestyle you’ve created for yourself.


Customized goals-based recommendations on your family office structure and the preferred partners to achieve your objectives.


Working together with you and the selected VFO experts towards a common goal as detailed in your family office plan.


Achieving your goals and continuously monitoring your journey and the performance of VFO experts

Priwexus VFO Family Series

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