Membership FAQs

What is Priwexus?

Priwexus is the world’s first peer to peer network exclusively meant for Indian high net-worth families and is the leading authority related to Indian families of substantial wealth. With 2 prominent international partners, an illustrious  global advisory board, more than 50 years of combined experience and a membership base of more than 1000 families across the world, Priwexus is a thought leader in the areas of family office strategy, family governance, family education, interests of gen-nex  and family philanthropic endeavors.

What does Priwexus do?

Priwexus primarily focuses on family office strategy, family governance, gen-nex issues, education, investments, succession planning, philanthropy, service providers and developing a global network. Priwexus strives to enhance standards on these through its education programs, research, events, networking meetings and other member initiatives. On behalf of its members, Priwexus also provides strategic leadership in the private wealth field and other service providers, helping to shape the industry and develop standards of performance for leading advisors. Priwexus aspires to help members preserve and enhance their true family wealth by providing education, insights, and peer exchange.

Who can become a member of Priwexus?

Priwexus membership is open for :

Sr. No. Category Eligibility
1 Principals and Family Members of Indian High Net-worth Families, Single Family Office Principals and Executives Minimum Net-worth – INR 500 Crores
2 Private Investors, Successful Entrepreneurs and Professionals Minimum Net-worth – INR 100 Crores

How can one become a member of Priwexus?

Priwexus membership is strictly by-invite. One can register his/her interest by filling up the inquiry form under the ‘Join’ link on the website or writing to us at

Is there any membership fee to be part of Priwexus?

Yes. There is a membership fee to join Priwexus. There are 2 membership slabs Individual & Family. In case the Priwexus members also want to sign up for full membership of its international affiliates like FOX & PWN, then the relevant fee is applicable.

What benefits are available to Priwexus Members?

Priwexus membership includes access to all events, cutting- edge research, member only gatherings,  bespoke educational sessions for families, deal flow sessions, networking sessions as well as access to research work of our international affiliates, access to their member events and study tours (on paid basis).

Does Priwexus provide family office services?

No. Priwexus advises family groups about wealth management alternatives and possible roles for their offices but does not provide family office services.

How does Priwexus ensure the confidentiality within the organization and at meetings?

  • All members comply with a code of conduct that respects the confidentiality of information shared by other members.
  • When reporting research conducted among members, Priwexus reports aggregated data and never individual results. When case studies are used for
  • Illustration, names and identifying details are changed to protect the identity and privacy of study participants.
  • Members of the media are never invited to be part of meetings where confidential family information or issues are discussed.
  • Priwexus employees work under a non-disclosure agreement specifically to safeguard client information.
  • Strict digital security procedures are in place to safeguard Priwexus research and member data.