Indian Family Office Thought Leaders 2023

Indian Family Office Thought Leaders 2023

Ever since our launch in 2013, Priwexus (earlier known as AIWMI) has been a champion of family offices. When we organized India’s first ever conference on Family Offices in June 2013, the Indian family office ecosystem was just getting started. Over the last 10 years this segment has grown and how! In spite of a once-in-a-century pandemic, economic volatility, geo-political uncertainty and stringent regulations, the family office ecosystem in India today is truly shining and making its presence felt across the globe.

We believe over the next ten years, India has a chance like never before to become an economic superpower and Indian Family Enterprises and Family Offices will have a very important role to play in the same.

About Priwexus

Priwexus has been carved out of its parent company AIWMI and is being set up as a unique membership community for UHNW families. Priwexus is incorporated with an objective to play a catalytic role in the upward and onward journey of Indian family enterprises and single family offices. Instituting the “Indian Family Office Thought Leaders (IFTL)” List is one big step in this direction.

About Indian Family Office Thought Leaders

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”, individuals representing, working in or working with Family Offices have really come of age over the last decade and are now stepping up to lead the way in to the next one. The Indian Family Office Thought Leaders (IFTL) List is an attempt to identify such stand out individuals who are the guiding lights within the Indian Family Office community. This list will include the best thought leaders and industry influencers from among SFOs, MFOs and all key Service Providers working with Indian Family Offices. Priwexus team will shortlist nominees across the following 4 categories:

  • Principals/ Family Members (Single Family Office)
  • Family Office Professionals (Single Family Office)
  • Service Providers (Asset Managers, Multi-Family Offices, Trustees, Lawyers, Tax Professionals, Independent Consultants, etc)
  • Academicians & Thought Leaders (Working in Family Business and Family Office Education)

The nominees who the Priwexus team will shortlist will be the ones who have significantly added to the family office ecosystem and who have achieved new growth trajectory by taking bold decisions, creating value for all stakeholders and innovating for a comprehensive impact. They are individuals and organizations who have not only grown themselves but have also helped create a new generation of leaders and stupendous wealth for others.

With more than 500 individuals and institutions across India being evaluated, the collaboration between Priwexus and Multi-Act on IFTL23 is bound to broaden the family office ecosystem and highlight the importance and impact of the right practices. This initiative is also expected to provide a first-hand perspective on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the next generation of family office principals, professionals and service providers.

The inaugural edition of Indian Family Office Thought Leaders is being presented by Multi-Act.

About Multi-Act

Multi-Act's journey began 25 years ago as a Family Office, evolving over time into a differentiated fiduciary group. This progression is driven by their commitment to intergenerational asset allocation strategies. Multi-Act creates investment solutions and programs for multi-generational wealth owners and institutional managers . Their diverse clientele comprises institutional investors, family offices, high net worth individuals, and wealth managers in India and beyond.

Important Details:

Nomination Process: Any individuals or organization working in the family office/ family enterprise domain can nominate.

Nomination Deadline: November 30, 2023

Felicitation Ceremony: During Priwexus’s 11th Indian Family Office Summit 2023 in Mumbai on December 12, 2023

For any queries, please reach out to Priwexus Team on